Press Kit - Mighty Fling


Hollow Art Studios is a Bulgarian-based game development company founded in May 2020 in Sofia. The studio was created by Yoan-Dako Petkov and Katalina Barekova, who complement each other’s skillset perfectly. Hollow Art Studios is looking to expand in the following years aiming at becoming the first well-known Bulgarian Game Development company.

Yoan-Dako Petkov is a University of Sheffield BA (Honours) graduate in Marketing. During his university studies, he furthermore developed as a programmer, 2D and 3D artist and orchestral composer.

Katalina Barekova is a student at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, majoring in Game Development BFA with a focus on 3D environmental modeling and texturing. She is furthermore capable of producing 3D Character art and 2D Concept Art.


Mighty Fling – Precision Platformer, 2D

In Mighty Fling, the player takes control of a mighty ball and flings it with great precision towards the top of the Tower. The player navigates through aesthetically pleasing environments filled with intriguing creatures and encounters. The core gameplay loop revolves around gaining progress and rapidly losing it. Mighty Fling tries to teach the player that with proper willpower and persistence, every task becomes easier and easier.


• Simple Controls: Click and drag anywhere on the screen in order to fling the ball.

• Auto-saving: Be precise about your flings, as they cannot be redone.

• Challenging: Flinging might prove to be more difficult than you expect. Twice the climb, double the fall!

• Variety: Some obstacles might require more than just precision and timing.

• Aesthetics: Beautiful Pixel Art scenery with dynamic lighting.

• Music: An epic orchestral score and ambiance to accompany your journey.

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